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Canine Kindergarten Classes

Dog Training & Obedience Classes Located in Narrabeen, Northern Beaches

Puppy Classes

This course is for puppies aged between 10-14 weeks.

Owners will learn information about the importance of socialisation, toilet training, biting/mouthing, appropriate play and the introduction of basic training.

Puppies will learn basic training such as sit, mat exercises, drop, recalls and lead walking.

All puppies must have had their 1st vaccination prior to enrolment.

Class times: Saturday 8.30-9.30am

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: $180-includes a clicker, course notes and homework sheets.

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Pet Dog Training Course - Basic

This is an 5 week clicker training course aimed for dogs 5 months and over.

This course emphasises focus exercises, lead training, stays, mat exercises and recalls. An introductions to tricks is also added in this course.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated to attend this course. No check chains are permitted in the class.

Class time: Saturday 10-11am

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: $230-includes clicker and training pouch.

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Private One-On-One Training

Private training can be for specific problems such as toilet training, digging, barking or general training problems. It is also suitable for owners who cannot fit in a course due to time constraints or work commitments.

Private training can be done at the centre or in your home environment.

Consultations are 1-1.5 hrs

Cost: $180

Follow up training $75

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Behavioual Program

Behavioual problems are complex and often take a great deal of time and commitment from owners. Behavioual problems such as fears and phobias, reactive dogs and anxiety can we difficult and lengthy to treat.

A specific Behavioual consultation and program is designed to help treat problems an well as ongoing support and contact.

Please allow at least 2 hours for all Behavioual consultations.

Cost: $280

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Clicker Training

What is it?

A clicker is a small handheld box that makes a very distinct clicking noise. The clicker is a marker that tells your dog that the behaviour that was just performed has earned him/her a reward. The marker (the clicking noise) pinpoints the specific moment in the dog’s mind.

The clicker is not a magic box. The key to a good reward marker is that it’s something the dog will pay attention to, and that it always predicts a reward is coming. It’s is important for the following to occur:

An example of this could be teaching your dog to respond to his/her name. Firstly, set your dog up to succeed by attempting this in a non distracting area. You can use a kissy kissy sound or clap your hands on your legs to get your dogs attention. When your dog looks toward your direction mark with the clicker then reinforce your dog when he/she get to you with a highly rewarding treat.
A click equals a treat.
When you click your clicker to mark a behaviour, you must give your dog a treat. You need to teach your dog that the sound of the click is an extremely reliable predictor that he is about to get a treat. If you don’t always give a treat after you click, the clicker begins to lose some of its effectiveness. You don’t always have to use a clicker when you train your dog, but if you click, you must give a treat.
Do clickers and treats need to be used for every behaviour, forever?
No. Once a behaviour is learned and on cue, there’s usually no need to click, as your dog understands the behaviour. You can maintain the behaviour by replacing specially good treats with occasional and less intensive rewards including a pat or praise. Learned cues and behaviours are also maintained by real-life rewards: for example sitting quietly at the door is rewarded by opening the door so that the dog can have a walk. You can then save clicks and treats for the next new thing you want to train.